AI development

Value Proposition

Break free from data collection bottlenecks and unlock the full potential of your AI development process. Heex's Smart-Data Platform empowers you to streamline data capture, sharing, and analysis, accelerating your journey to groundbreaking advancements.


Unleash ROS Data potential!

Effortlessly extract key diagnostics from any sensor data. Automated analysis saves you time and eliminates manual data scrubbing. Get ROSbag-ready output for a smooth fit with your ROS workflows. Focus on breakthroughs, not data hassles!


Unlock Historical Goldmines

Mine Actionable Insights from Past Data

Say goodbye to endless data dives! Heex intelligently mines your historical data, sifting and prioritizing critical moments based on your defined events of interest. Heex automatically unearths hidden insights from past drives and tests, tackling key issues by drilling down to their root causes with rich data extraction for full context and insights. This empowers you to continuously optimize your AI-driven systems across diverse applications, putting actionable knowledge at your fingertips.


Enhance your Data loop for Digital Twins

Augment Real-World Scenarios

Effortlessly embed real-world scenarios into your simulations with Heex Smart-Data. Inject your simulations with real-world situations, examining your AI model's responses within your Digital Twin under varying conditions like rain or nighttime. This virtuous cycle accelerates model refinement, guaranteeing AI excellence for rapid on-the-road deployment. Streamline your journey from simulation to success with our cutting-edge Smart-Data platform.


Real-time Data collection

Heex's Smart-Data Platform acts as your intelligent data concierge, proactively identifying and capturing the data that truly matters: rich insights based on your defined events of interest. Our virtuous Smart-Data loop empowers you to continuously refine these definitions, unlocking deeper insights with each iteration. This lets you leave the tedious data tasks behind and focus on the valuable gems, especially those elusive edge cases that hold the key to unlocking breakthrough advancements. This iterative process feeds diverse and pertinent datasets into your AI models, accelerating their development and refinement.

Why Heex ?

Developing and refining AI for autonomous systems is exciting, but data challenges often slow you down.

  • Focus on what matters

    Heex extracts only the relevant data you need, saving time and money.

  • Unlock hidden insights

    Heex help you analyze past sensor data and drives, automatically uncovering valuable knowledge to accelerate development

  • Unleash an Ever-Smarter Data Loop

    Rapidly iterate on your event-of-interest definitions. With each pass, Heex helps you capture richer data and unlock deeper insights

  • Simulate the real world

    Inject real-world situations into your simulations, testing your AI's response under diverse conditions for faster refinement

Customer Story

Unlock the true potential of your data and accelerate your path to safer, more reliable self-driving cars. Our partnership with Apex.AI delivers Heex's intelligent data management directly to edge devices, empowering you to capture Smart-Data instantly, optimize workflows, and make real-time decisions. Reduce costs, improve collaboration, and achieve faster development cycles - contact us today and see how Heex and Apex.AI can power your autonomous future.

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