Heex Technologies partners with Apex.ai to enable Smart Data management for software-defined vehicles

July 25th, 2023

We are excited to announce the partnership between Heex Technologies and Apex.AI. This collaboration brings together the expertise of two industry innovators to accelerate the development of cutting-edge driving technologies, improve vehicle safety and advance the reliability of automated vehicles. By leveraging Heex Technologies' intelligent data management system and Apex.AI's automotive-grade and safety-certified software development kit, this collaboration will make the development of software-defined vehicles easier and faster at a lower cost by facilitating improved collaboration and data sharing across organizations, paving the way for accelerated advancements in the industry.

Heex Technologies improves data management workflows by enabling AI companies to find the needle in the haystack by specifically focusing on the most pertinent data, the “Smart Data”. By using an event-based approach with pre-set triggers, Heex enables engineering teams to extract small packages of relevant data directly at the edge or on the cloud. This automatically turns raw Big Data into Smart Data, and seamlessly distributing relevant datasets across the right teams to improve productivity, optimize costs and resources, and allow better collaboration across organizations.

Heex Technologies and Apex.AI have now integrated their products enabling software developers to run Heex’s data curation directly on edge devices running Apex.Grace. The integration was tested and is ready to be rolled out to customers.

by Florian Wandling