Heex Smart-Data

Break Free from Big Data Data Overload

The Challenge

Are you struggling with mountains of data slowing down your AI development and autonomous system refinement? Traditional Big Data approaches often drown you in irrelevant information, forcing you to find the needle in the haystack, hindering progress and wasting valuable resources.

Heex Smart-Data

Gone are the days of attempting to capture everything, drowning in terabytes of data per hour per smart system. Our approach recognizes that a brute force strategy is no longer sustainable – important edge cases are often lost amidst the noise. So, the question arises: how can we automatically collect the data that truly matters in situations worth our focus to further improve autonomous systems? Our answer is Smart-Data, a curated collection of rich data relevant to situations of interest, tagged for searchability. It’s lightweight, available in near real-time, easier to process, and share.

How it works


Developers use the Heex SDK to create custom monitors and recorders tailored to their specific needs. This flexibility allows for precise data collection tailored to unique scenarios.


Heex agents can be deployed across diverse environments: Autonomous Vehicles and Edge Devices: For real-time Smart-Data capture, Heex agents are deployed within autonomous vehicles, robots, and other edge devices. Back-end Systems: For historical data analysis, Heex agents capture data from replays or re-simulations in cloud or on-premises environments.

Data Collection and OTA

Once the data is collected by Heex agents, it is stored in your preferred location—whether in the cloud, or on-premises. The metadata is sent to the Heex Cloud for analysis and processing. Heex Cloud also hosts over-the-air (OTA) management of Heex agents.

Ecosystem Integration

Thanks to standard data formats and robust APIs, integrating Heex Smart-Data with your existing ecosystem is straightforward. This ensures compatibility with various tools and platforms used for further data processing and analysis.

Define your situations
of interest

Our Heex Agent Triggers lie at the heart of Smart-Data. They empower you to specify exact scenarios — like capturing data at crosswalks on rainy days when the light is green, yet a pedestrian decides to cross. Our Triggers are finely tuned to identify and record these pivotal moments through a combination of Heex Agent Monitors, Conditions, and Recorders.
Acquire pinpointed data for the scenarios that count. Whether it's edge computing on your devices, cloud processing of historical information, or simulations — you get exactly what you need, no more, no less. And with remote updates, you can adapt to emerging scenarios in real-time. Say goodbye to data deluges and hello to focused, actionable intelligence with Heex Smart-Data.

  • Heex Agent Monitors

    Keep tabs on the variables that matter — pedestrian movements, weather conditions, traffic signals, or any other like RPM or braking force. Customizable via the Heex Agent SDK, these monitors seamlessly integrate with your devices.

  • Heex Agent Conditions

    Set the precise parameters for data capture — such as when speed exceeds 18 m/s or weather conditions turn rainy. These user-defined thresholds ensure you capture the right data at the right time.

  • Heex Agent Recorders

    When conditions align, our Recorders spring into action, capturing the specified data — from video feeds to any sensor stream. Tailor-made through our SDK, they're the final piece in the Smart-Data puzzle.

Key Capabilities

Edge & Real-time Capture

Imagine capturing only the specific data you need, at the source, and in real-time. Heex makes this possible by harnessing edge computing to capture meaningful data directly from your autonomous systems or vehicles. Think sensor readings, camera footage, LIDAR scans – anything crucial for your development, supervision or reporting needs.

Rich Data Extraction

Heex goes beyond simple numbers. We capture rich data formats like video, audio, and other sensor readings, providing comprehensive context for deeper analysis. Imagine seeing the full picture of an edge case, not just a data point, to truly understand what's happening and why

Virtuous Smart-Data Loop

The power of Heex lies in its continuous learning. Your feedback on captured data helps refine your "events of interest," leading to richer data capture and deeper insights. This virtuous cycle fuels an ever-smarter data loop, constantly improving your AI models and system performance.

Discover the Smart-Data Potential

Are you developing or operating autonomous systems? Experience the power of Heex's Smart-Data first hand with a personalized demo.