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Our Data Addiction
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The exponential growth of data volumes, particularly in autonomous vehicles and smart systems, poses significant environmental challenges. For instance, a single autonomous car can generate up to 8 petabytes of data annually, demanding extensive storage infrastructure and processing capabilities, resulting in significant energy consumption and environmental impact.

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    01 - Heex Smart-Data
    Heex introduces cutting-edge Smart-Data technology, as a sustainable approach to tackle the challenges posed by the exponential growth of data volumes. Our innovative approach involves deploying Heex Agents at the edge within smart autonomous systems. These agents selectively capture meaningful, rich data when specific situations are met, such as a pedestrian crossing at a traffic light. This "frugal AI" approach, leveraging embedded and edge computing technologies, minimizes energy consumption and data transfer, resulting in significant environmental and cost savings. Transferring vast amounts of data has a hidden environmental cost. Heex minimizes this impact by minimizing the data itself. By capturing only the truly relevant information, we significantly reduce upload needs, saving energy and contributing to a cleaner planet.  Learn More on Smart-Data
    02 - Impact of Hot vs. Cold Storage
    03 - Data Impact Reporting
    04 - Automation Rebound Effect Mitigation

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The challenges of data management in AI should not only be addressed from a pure cost perspective anymore; and as innovation leaders, we have a major role to play in ensuring that technology deployment integrates a sustainable strategy. 

By focusing on the meaningful and valuable data, organizations can accelerate their development and save on DataOps costs, while this efficient approach induces a positive environmental impact, reinforcing the viability of the business case. 

Thanks to its Smart-Data solution (endorsed by Solar Impulse Foundation), Heex Technologies is uniquely positioned to become a key partner of tech companies who are also driven by this core principle.

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Heex invites customers, investors, and stakeholders to join us in shaping a more sustainable future. By harnessing the power of Smart-Data to unlock autonomous systems innovations and operations, we can address environmental challenges effectively. Together, let's build a world where technology serves as a catalyst for positive sustainable change. Join us today and be an integral part of the solution!

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