Value Proposition

Gain real-time insights and control over your deployed intelligent systems. Proactively react to critical situations, ensure continuous improvement, and optimize operations with Heex Smart-Data Platform's advanced supervision capabilities.


Remote Live Notification

Instant Awareness: Receive immediate notifications on critical events and performance metrics, ensuring prompt responses from any location. Expand your ROSbag data flow with real-time monitoring. React with confidence, knowing you have a comprehensive understanding of the situation thanks to the rich insights and support provided by the captured Smart-Data.


Continuous Enhancement unlocked

Empower your tech teams with Heex Smart-Data, capturing actionable and insightful real-world, rich data when specific conditions are met in your deployed autonomous systems. Heex ROSbag-compatible data unlocks the potential for accelerated model training, active learning and Edge AI applications, establishing a robust foundation for ongoing innovation.


Optimize Preventive Maintenance

Harness the power of Smart-Data, optionally enhanced with Digital Twins, to capture rich data. Anticipate potential issues and strategically schedule maintenance, effectively minimizing wear, reducing downtime, and optimizing repair costs for streamlined and efficient operations.

Why Heex ?

Heex isn't just another notification system. It's your intelligent partner in supervision, empowering you to react, learn, and optimize like never before. Here's why Heex stands out

  • Fuel Continuous Improvement

    Get your products stand apart faster to delight your customers. Heex silently captures rich data from real-world operations for unusual edge cases, automatically providing context and actionable insights to fuel your continuous improvement cycles.

  • Predict & Prevent Issues

    Keep your systems operating at peak performance, schedule maintenance strategically and prevent costly breakdowns. Heex events warn you early, rich Smart-Data let you learn the context of and mitigate potential problems early.

  • Scale Globally, Manage Locally

    Empower your geographically dispersed teams with real-time insights and control from anywhere, all while ensuring secure data management. Heex seamlessly integrates with existing systems and scales effortlessly to manage thousands of devices across the globe.

Customer Story


In the dynamic landscape of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) supervision, Heex Solution emerged as a transformative force within RATP's operations in Paris. Faced with the challenge of seamlessly integrating and managing a multitude of data sources crucial for AV safety and efficiency, our Heex Software is playing a pivotal role. By aggregating diverse inputs (i.e. vehicles, road infrastructure details, traffic lights, etc.) through the Heex Software Solution, we established a comprehensive data infrastructure relying on a dedicated local server to comply with data privacy regulations.

The result? Real-time event detection and contextual incident notification, empowering RATP's control center to respond promptly, get a rich context, enhance safety, and implement preventive measures. Moreover, our solution enabled a robust data governance framework facilitating seamless information flow across the ecosystem of mobility stakeholders (RATP, AV technology and connected infrastructure providers or public institutions)

This integrated approach doesn't just stop at incident management; it enhances mobility operator supervision efforts by enabling informed decision-making, preventive measures, and efficient data-sharing amongst several users. Ultimately, this translates to safer and more efficient and safe AV operations in the bustling urban environment of Paris.

Discover the Smart-Data Potential

Are you developing or operating autonomous systems? Experience the power of Heex's Smart-Data first hand with a personalized demo.