The Next Generation Data Platform

Focus on better data to unleash the potential of autonomous systems.

Organizations don’t need more data, they need better datasets.

Evolution in AI development has been significantly propelled by Big Data. However, we are reaching a point where more data is no longer the sole approach, but rather a shift towards BETTER datasets becomes inevitable. Whether from the cloud or directly at the edge, Heex generates Smart-Data, enabling you to focus and scale your operations, and focus development efforts on areas of improvement, ushering in a new era of advancements.

What you get

Our SaaS platform allows you to configure and manage your Smart-Data capture , and management.

  • Agents: Deployed at the edge or in the cloud to filter and extract Smart- Data with Heex’s Triggers.
  • Cloud: Define and manage your autonomous systems, Heex Agents configurations with Over The Air (OTA) updates, and your captured Smart-Data sharing and collaboration.

Heex Cloud

Flexible Operations

Configuring and managing your systems and data capture becomes a breeze. Our platform is designed to facilitate both interactive and automated workflows leveraging the Heex CLI, ensuring flexibility and efficiency, and outputs Rosbags for seamless integration in your workflows operations.

Advanced Data Management

Visualize, without download, and manage your Smart-Data with unparalleled ease, using with advanced tag-based searches, fostering collaboration across your teams.

Secure Data Sharing & Governance

Easily and securely share data for collaboration and regulation compliance. Heex's advanced role-based access control and data immutability, safeguards your valuable data assets' security and integrity.

Heex Agent

Customization at The Core

Crafted from the Heex SDK, our agents are tailored to meet your unique needs. Automate the compilation and deployment process with our CLI, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.

Middleware Independence

Heex is middleware independent, and comes with examples for popular frameworks like ROS1, ROS2, APEX, and AVETO. Choose the best tools for your project without constraints.

Effortless Deployment, Anywhere

Deploy seamlessly across various environments with the Heex agent installer. Benefit from over-the-air (OTA) configuration and updates, ensuring that managing your agents remains both scalable and straightforward.

Supported Technologies

Key Capabilities

Prioritize Success

Train your AI exclusively with relevant data, eliminating wasted time on irrelevant noise, and optimizing training efficiency.

Unlock Historical Insights

Mine your past data for hidden gems, uncovering valuable knowledge to refine your systems.

Elevate your data with simulations

Ground digital twins in real-world data, and enrich with challenging edge cases for continuous enhancement.

Streamline Data Management

Ditch manual data wrangling and enjoy secured and seamless data sharing and reporting.

Discover the Smart-Data Potential

Are you developing or operating autonomous systems? Experience the power of Heex's Smart-Data first hand with a personalized demo.