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Imagine robots tirelessly mining around the clock, self-driving tractors optimizing yields, and AMRs navigating with surgical precision. This vision of industrial efficiency, driven by autonomous systems, is within reach. But the race to reinvent operations demands solutions to critical challenges: Reducing Operational Risk with effective safety and predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment lifespan. Staying ahead of Customer Expectations with continuously improving autonomous systems, proactively adapting to evolving needs. Heex Smart-Data platform helps you tackle these challenges head-on and paves the way for a revolution in industrial autonomy. Unlock the power of Heex Smart-Data and lead the industrial revolution!

Autonomous Mobility Robots (AMRs)

Elevate the performance and reliability of your robotic systems through the power of Smart-Data. Automate comprehensive data capture for continuous learning and improvement, boosting the perceived value of your robots. Beyond internal enhancements, seamlessly share Smart-Data with your customers' supervision toolchain to elevate overall operational efficiency. We are redefining the future of robotics, where data-driven automation not only optimizes performance but also enhances the value proposition for both your operations and your customers.


Harness the power of Smart-Data to optimize your critical infrastructure across airports, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and mining sites.  Empower your automated operations supervision with real-time insights, supercharging preventive maintenance by anticipating issues before they impact operations,. The result? Minimized downtime and guaranteed reliability. Heex is also the independent  data management solution you need to take control of your data. Heex empowers you to easily collect, analyze, and manage data from your automated operations. Gain full transparency and timely insights from rich data to confidently supervise, monitor, and optimize performance and safety. Make data-driven decisions that maximize efficiency and unlock the true potential of your automation

Digital Twins

Don't settle for static simulations, infuse your Digital Twins with the vitality of real-world data. Create edge-case scenarios unseen in the real-world and optimize your autonomous system's software for unparalleled performance. But we go further. Leverage Smart-Data for predictive maintenance, minimizing wear, maximizing uptime and extending asset lifespans. Move beyond mere reflection and embrace foresight: transform your Digital Twin into a strategic decision-making engine for operational excellence.

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