Data Governance

Value Proposition

Unlock the full potential of your innovative technology and achieve seamless collaboration with Heex's Smart-Data Platform. Our solution empowers secure and compliant data sharing between organizations and regulatory bodies, facilitating trust and accelerating the deployment of advanced systems.


Secured and streamlined data exchange

Ensure secured and streamlined data exchange by sharing filtered datasets with trustworthy third parties, guaranteeing full traceability and data immutability meeting regulatory compliance requirements.


Data Reporting

Effortlessly unlock relevant data tailored to the specific needs of different stakeholders. Heex's cutting-edge Smart-Data technology automates the extraction process, eliminating manual manipulation and securing data flow with advanced Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC). This ensures each stakeholder receives focused, actionable insights relevant to their role, whether it's: Engineers requiring granular sensor data for performance analysis. Executives needing high-level summaries for strategic decision-making. Compliance officers seeking specific evidence for regulatory reporting. By streamlining data access and filtering, Heex empowers each stakeholder to make informed decisions, driving innovation and compliance across your organization.


Data Quality & Compliance

Effortlessly navigate compliance challenges with our Smart-Data capture solution. Stay proactive in meeting regulations with automated processes that selectively capture only necessary compliance data, facilitating data anonymization and seamless secured sharing with flexible data access controls, showcasing responsible data governance effortlessly. Navigate the EU AI Act with confidence. Our Smart-Data Platform streamlines compliance by ensuring data quality, transparency, and protection. Simplify traceability and responsible AI development, avoiding penalties of up to €35 million or 7% of your global annual turnover.

Why Heex ?

Feeling overwhelmed by data governance and reporting? Juggling manual data extraction, complex compliance requirements, and secure data sharing can be a nightmare. Enter Heex, your smart partner for effortlessly navigating the new world of data governance. Don't let data governance hold you back. Unleash the power of your data with Heex today!

  • Peace of Mind

    Know exactly who accesses your data and control what they can do with it. Heex ensures data immutability and traceability, guaranteeing your information remains secure and tamper-proof.

  • Effortless Efficiency

    Ditch manual data wrangling! Heex automatically extracts only the insights you need, saving you precious time and resources. Focus on what matters most while Heex handles the heavy lifting.

  • Control Collaboration

    Open doors, not vaults. Share precise, relevant data sets with partners and regulators while maintaining granular control. Securely collaborate with authorized access and clear audit trails for complete transparency.

Customer Story


In a groundbreaking collaboration with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Heex Technologies is pioneering a new generation of data processing for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and mobility operators. Teaming up with the University of California at Berkeley, as well as industry leaders such as Nissan, Beep, and May Mobility, our partnership focuses on shaping local and national safety standards for AVs. 

Heex orchestrates a new kind of data loop, where AV operators automatically collect rich vehicle data during experiments, and seamlessly transmitting them to Berkeley University for in-depth analysis thanks to the collaborative Heex Web Platform. 

This collective ecosystem, facilitated by the unique Heex Smart-Data approach, empowers CCTA and USDOT to collect and process vehicles’ data to establish safety measures which are crucial for the future of AV technology and safety policies.

With Heex Software solution, events retrieval and dataset classification/visualization capabilities, key stakeholders can efficiently analyze critical metrics, such as the time to collision. Heex innovative solution not only accelerates the validation of autonomous driving features but also defines new safety thresholds, fostering the deployment of a safer and more regulated era for Autonomous Vehicles.

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