Capture only the data that matters, from real-world drives to virtual simulations.

Market context

Autonomous vehicles unleash a data deluge: sensor readings, LiDAR scans, and video footage generate a staggering 5TB daily per vehicle, fueled by safety redundancies. This massive data flow creates a tsunami for R&D testing, production optimization, and regulatory compliance, demanding ironclad cybersecurity to protect sensitive information. Limited network bandwidth in vehicles and edge environments adds another layer of complexity, making it crucial to extract critical insights, like needles in haystacks. Enter Heex Smart-Data Platform. We help you navigate this data tsunami through intelligent identification, extraction, and controlled, secure distribution...

Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)

Recent studies shed light on performance issues plaguing existing ADAS. Enter our platform – a direct response to these challenges. We tackle them head-on by capturing Smart-Data for conducting comprehensive analyses of both real-world and synthetic scenarios. Helping you efficiently identify and rectify anomalies is our forte. Through intelligent data capture in “shadow mode” and seamless centralization, our platform empowers you to continually enhance your ADAS. The result? Improved time to market (TTM) and unparalleled performance and safety.

Autonomous Vehicle (AV)

Testing self-driving cars generates a vast amount of data, making continuous recording impractical. Our smart approach captures only the most relevant data, whether from real word (edge or historical data) or simulation (synthetic data), based on specific situations, prioritizing real-time learning and testing. No more waiting, no more data overload -  experience targeted insights for faster, more efficient AV development. With Heex Smart-Data, AI training becomes laser-focused, targeting the most valuable data for rapid progress.

Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV)

Software-Defined Vehicles are set to revolutionize  the road, constantly evolving through data-driven insights. Our platform becomes your co-pilot, capturing and analyzing both real-time and historical data. Fuel software refinement, personalize in-car experiences based on user preferences, and optimize operations for the real world. Unleash the dynamic potential of SDVs,  embarking on a journey of continuous evolution, user-centric experiences, and operational excellence.

Discover the Smart-Data Potential

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