The Smart-Data Platform
Unlocking the Power of Data for Your Autonomous Systems

Drive innovation, optimize performance, and ensure compliance with Heex Smart-Data Platform.


Tired of missing critical
data or lost in a sea
of information?

Heex unlocks the true potential of your data for faster and smarter autonomous systems development and operations.
Traditional approaches struggle with:

  • Data overload: Sifting through irrelevant information wastes time and resources.
  • Limited insights: Extracting actionable knowledge from historical data is complex.
  • Simulation-reality gap: Transferring learnings from real-world scenarios to simulations and back is difficult.
  • Compliance challenges: Navigating data sharing and privacy regulations is daunting.

Less is More

Our software solution helps AI companies to find the needle in the haystack by specifically focusing on the most pertinent data, the “Smart-Data”. By using an event-based approach with pre-set triggers, we enable your engineering teams to extract small packages of relevant data directly at the edge or on the cloud. We automatically turn raw Big Data into Smart-Data, and seamlessly distributing relevant datasets across the right teams to drastically improve productivity, optimize costs and resources, and allow better collaboration across organisations.

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